Swatch Rings

About Swatch Rings

It's a lot of work for you to update your swatches and catalogs and check that your display sets are current and priced for 2016!  We appreciate that you take the time to do this.  Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

My desk looks like a hurricane went through the office, but every day I remind myself to focus on the positives and balance busy work with creativity.  So I've attached a collage of photos.  We've added new dust ruffle styles as well as 24 new fabrics.  You can now order double ruffles on items, and even triple ruffles on the rail guard!  Please look over the new custom worksheets to see all your new options and order something new for the floor.

You know how many different styles of furniture have forced us all to get creative about the bedding styles, so that the bedding compliments the crib.  In the 90's we made one length of dust ruffle and had curved-headboard-bumpers!  We have so much more variety now, and your customers expect it.

Thank you to the Brixy member stores that voted us the #1 Custom Bedding company for the third year!
With your support and feedback, we'll continue to adjust and grow, so that your display bedding boosts your sales and customers return to get Pine Creek for their next baby!